Great training facility!!! Everyone is very professional, friendly and always encouraging. The workouts are extremely beneficial and have really helped me in the short time that I’ve been going! 

-Mary Ann T

Just a few words to share about my experience with Strength Science Studios – I have a dear friend, Pat Pope, who saw an article in the paper about your studio and invited me to join her for a work out visit. We live quite a way out from your location, but thinking ’30 minutes once a week, why not try it out?’ we made our appointments. Well, we have been coming in faithfully for several months now. I can tell you that everyone here who works with clients is first-class, kind and caring, yet will push you gently to get stronger on each visit. Some of the things I like best about Strength Science are that it is custom-designed to me and my needs, works with my abilities and is monitored closely in a one-on-one setting by well-trained partners who carefully make sure my form is correct and then I am staying safe and not risking injury. So many times in the past I have injured myself by pushing my body beyond what it should be doing and then been not only unable to work out, but also been subjected to loss of quality lifestyle and time lost due to injury and rehab. It has been fun getting stronger, making new friends in the small, intimate atmosphere and now having people commenting on the fact that I look like I’m losing weight. The funny thing is, I haven’t lost a pound! But my body is reshaping and apparently, I’m walking with better posture and more confidence. I am excited that I have found a vehicle to strengthen my body and keep it much more functional as I age; there’s a lot more fun to be had in this body and I need to have it working properly for a long time! Thanks for coming to Baton Rouge, we are looking forward to your expansion and happy for your growth and success! 

-Debbie M

What an incredible facility that provides me the exact fitness needs for me! I am thankful for the trainers who push me!

-Mandy P

I desired someone who would give me proper guidance given my medical condition in parts of my body. I found them. Their care is methodic, consistent, challenging, fulfilling Their interest is to see you become better physically which then improves one’s mental & spiritual awareness. 

-Roy D

When I read the article about Strength Science Studios, two things caught my attention: #1 30 minutes once a week, #2 developed for people with Osteoporosis. Anyone can find 30 minutes once a week and I have Osteopenia, the precursor for Osteoporosis. I was taking an injection of Prolia every 6 months for it. Unfortunately, when I went on Medicare in 2018 the cost was prohibitive (from $25 to $1100 an injection). So I decided to try SST. I won’t be able to tell if it’s helping until I have a bone density test next year.  But my orthopedist is very supportive of my decision to do this. I also have arthritis in one knee that I took Celebrex for pain relief. It made the pain tolerable. Walking on hard surfaces caused much pain. I am now walking 2 miles a day on a blacktop road pain-free and med free thanks to SST. I feel so much better and have more energy. I recommend it for anyone any age who have become too sedentary. You are one on one with a trainer coaching you to maintain the correct form in order to get the maximum benefit from slow-motion resistance training. This is the only place in Baton Rouge that has these specialized exercise machines. No contracts, just $40 per session. Best money I’ve ever spent. Finally found an exercise that I really enjoy.

-Susan M

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