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What is
Strength Science?

Strength Science Studios provides the ideal training for those that are looking for a less invasive gym environment. We provide one-on-one personal training that consists of slow motion resistant, strength and high-intensity interval training that is tailored to your specific workout needs for maximum results. We are much more than a personal training studio. While our core business may be personal fitness training, we have the education, the knowledge, the experience, and the tools necessary to treat special needs and improve performance and increase resistance to injury and help others achieve their fitness goals to live healthier and happier.

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Strength Science

Strength Science Studios is a personal training studio specializing in high-intensity, resistance training emphasizing time under tension to build muscle. We facilitate workouts that teach and train you to be your best, most healthy self while catering to the needs of your specific body type and age.

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Our personal trainers ensure the client performs each exercise correctly and completes one set to failure on each machine during their once-per-week, 30-minute workout. For this training protocol, failure means the muscle can no longer push, pull or press in a particular exercise. Maximize your results!

Great training facility!!! Everyone is very professional, friendly and always encouraging. The workouts are extremely beneficial and have really helped me in the short time that I’ve been going.

-Mary Ann T

I desired someone who would give me proper guidance given my medical condition in parts of my body. I found them. Their care is methodic, consistent, challenging, fulfilling Their interest is to see you become better physically which then improves one’s mental & spiritual awareness. 

-Roy D

What an incredible facility that provides me the exact fitness needs for me! I am thankful for the trainers who push me!

-Mandy P

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Sunday 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
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